How Do You Grout Floor Tile Using Super-Tek Grout?

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1 Answer

The finishing step to a ceramic tile installation is grouting the tile. While there are many grout products on the market, Super-Tek has been manufacturing specialty grout products since 1978. Its grout products that are suitable for floor tile applications include Versa-Tile Sanded Grout for grout lines greater than 1/8 inch, Dry-Set Unsanded Grout for grout lines smaller than 1/8 inch and Poly-Grout Plus for all applications. Apply Super-Tek grout properly for an attractive and long-lasting finish to your floor tile. Allow the ceramic tile adhesive to dry before grouting. Most ceramic tile adhesives require at least 24 to 48 hours to cure. Seal porous tile, such as terracotta, with a tile sealer to prevent grout stains and excess water absorption during the grout application. Follow the tile sealer directions and allow the product to dry completely. Pour the recommended amount of water into a 5-gallon bucket. Use the proportions recommended on the grout bag. If you are using Versa- ... more
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