How Do You Grow Crystal On Charcoal Science Experiment Project?

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1 Answer

Also known as a Crystal Garden, this simple (and old) chemistry experiment/project continues to awe both young and not so young. Technically, this is how it works: The blue ion particles in the laundry bluing and the salt get carried up into the charcoal. The salt then crystallizes around the blue particles. These crystals are porous and the liquid below continues to move into the openings and evaporate, leaving layers of crystals. If you are working with children allow them to do as many steps as possible on their own. This facilitates their learning, independence and confidence. Place the charcoal briquettes in the shallow pan. In the bowl or can stir together a mixture of salt, laundry bluing and water. For special effects add several drops of various shades of food coloring. Pour the liquid over the charcoal. Let the garden rest undisturbed for a day or two. Take a peek at it periodically. Crystals will begin to form. Add more solution occasionally to nourish the "garden" and ... more
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