How Do You Grow Fig Trees In The Pacific Northwest?

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1 Answer

Fig trees will thrive in the Pacific Northwest, if you choose hardy varieties and protect them when they're young. It's critical to choose a warm and sunny location, preferably with a southern exposure. Plant only the hardiest varieties in the Willamette Valley; if your tree is completely dormant in the winter, it will tolerate temperatures down to 12 degrees F. After the fruit has ripened, stop watering the tree; this will help it to harden off and increase chances of winter survival. Choose varieties that are known to survive in the Pacific Northwest. Try Osbourne Prolific and Desert King, two of the most recommended figs for this region. Plant early varieties such as Peter's Honey or Lattarula or Neveralla if your area warms up early in the spring. Desert King will produce just one crop in late July or early August, while many other figs produce a second crop in September. Choose a warm and sunny site protected from cold winds. Plant your fig tree on the south side of a house or ... more
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