How Do You Grow Pine Trees For Profit?

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1 Answer

Growing pine trees for profit provides people with a valuable source of income. With time and patience, you can build a tree farm that will turn a profit in many different ways. Get seeds. Seeds can be collected from fallen pine cones or they can be purchased at a store. To collect from a pine cone, shake the cone upside down until the seeds fall out. Place the seeds in a cup of water. Not all seeds collected will be healthy enough for planting, so you can determine the healthy ones by observing whether they float or sink. The healthy ones will float and those are the ones that can be used for planting. Plant seeds immediately. Start by growing them inside your home and placing them in their own individual pots. Each seed should be planted with the pointy end facing downward. Place the pots where they will receive plenty of sunlight and allow them to germinate. Transplant the trees outside once they have grown between 6 inches and 1-foot tall. Care for pine trees into adulthood. This ... more
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