How Do You Grow Roses In North Texas?

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1 Answer

Growing roses is a time-honored tradition for most gardeners. But growing roses in North Texas can be tricky given its harsh summers and alkaline soil. Here are some basic steps to growing beautiful roses despite the unfavorable conditions in North Texas. Select a location in your landscape for your roses. Roses require at least six to eight hours of sunlight, good drainage and adequate air circulation. They should be out of the path of prolonged harsh winds, though. Choose the type of rose you want in your yard. You will need to base this decision on the type of maintenance required, preferred climate, disease resistance, fragrance, cut and color. Search the Internet or visit your local library or garden center to see what variety of roses are available in your area. Prepare the soil in your yard or flower bed. North Texas soil is notorious for having poor drainage. You will need to raise the flower bed with some type of border, like railroad ties or metal edging. Fill the flower ... more
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