How Do You Grow Walnut Trees For Profit?

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1 Answer

Growing walnut trees gives farmers access to two types of crops: walnuts and lumber. It takes patience to grow walnut trees because it will be 12 years before walnut trees produce nuts and at least another 12 before trees can be harvested for lumber. Most harvesting doesn't begin until the trees are 25. After walnut trees are ready to be harvested for lumber, they have the highest return per acre of all trees used as timber crops. Walnut trees used for nut production have a lower return per acre --- however when the trees are 25 they can be harvested for their lumber. Stagger the planting of walnut trees to ensure that as your stand matures you will have trees available for harvest every year and continuous nut production. Select land with fast draining, loamy soil with a pH between 5.0 and 8.0. For the most productive trees, the soil depth should be three feet. Extension and State Agriculture labs will test your soil for a nominal fee. You can either borrow equipment from these ... more
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