How Do You Hang A Deer Hide On The Wall?

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1 Answer

Beautiful rustic interiors can be achieved with few materials and a flair for wildlife. For the hunter's lair look, antler chandeliers and floor lamps, heavy unstripped furnishings and mounted trophy deer heads are all basic interior design features. But a true hunter's den will also have a buck deer pelt as a wall tapestry to complete the theme. If you are the do-it- yourself type, hanging a deer pelt tapestry isn't as much difficult as it is time consuming. Unless the hide is a designer piece of art, you may need to prep the pelt before hanging. Using a grommet machine designed to cut through leather and either brass or copper grommets, carefully install the hardware around the perimeter of the hide about 12 inches apart. Next, measure the hide by length and height. You will also want to draw an outline of the hide on the wall where you want the tapestry to hang and mark a place for each grommet. Be very careful in the placement because unless you frame a hide, it is difficult to ... more
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