How Do You Hang A Pool Cue Rack?

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1 Answer

If you love shooting pool, you know how much a quality pool cue costs. A top of the line cue with a straight shaft and linen wrapped stub is expensive. The best way to store pool cues is by keeping them mounted. A standing rack is good for holding one or two cues, but for more, you need a mounted pool cue rack. Mount your rack low enough for players to use easily. Turn the pool cue rack over. Measure the distance between the hanging hooks located on the back of the rack. Remember the distance or write it down. Flip the power on the stud finder. Lay the stud finder flat against the wall and glide it over the wall on which you would like to hang the rack. When the stud finder beeps or blinks, you have located a stud. Studs bear heavy weight better than a plain wall. Mark the stud with the pencil at eye level so the rack will not be too high. Use your measuring tape to mark the distance from the stud mark you made to the length of the rack hooks. Start wood screws into the wall. Use an ... more
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