How Do You Hang Blinds On Vinyl Windows?

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1 Answer

Vinyl windows are becoming very popular as homeowners want new, efficient windows for their homes while on a budget. Vinyl windows are attractive, smart and feature all the options available to the green-conscious consumer. Hanging blinds to cover vinyl windows is no different than hanging blinds to cover windows of any other construction material (metal, wood), and it is not a difficult task to complete. If you are a novice handyman, it may take you longer. Step 1 Choose the most appropriate hanging position for the blind hardware. This is an important consideration because it will determine how the blind is cut to size to fit over the window. Step 2 Mount the hanging brackets in the correct position (inside mount; outside mount, or ceiling mount). Try to mount them in a position that will allow the screws to sink into wall studs---especially for large, bulky, heavy window blinds. Mark the positions of the bracket holes with a pencil. Use a tape measure if needed to place the ... more
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