How Do You Homeschool With The Robinson Curriculum Website?

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1 Answer

The Robinson Curriculum allows you to teach your children to teach themselves. They learn every subject with a 22-CD set and a collection of Saxon math books. You can use these tools to homeschool your child. Go to the Robinson Curriculum website. Click on "Introduction" in the middle of the page to read about the program's development. Dr. Robinson spends less than 15 minutes a day teaching his six children. Learn how the Robinson Curriculum includes education in history, math, literature, physical science, general studies and economics. It also teaches children to think cognitively and to acquire strong study skills. Know that the Robinson Curriculum is 120,000 pages long. It includes more than 250 books, the Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary, science texts and software. There are also SAT-style exams, penmanship practice sheets, flash cards and a vocabulary program. Order the Robinson Curriculum online. No matter how many children you have, you only need one curriculum, which ... more
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