How Do You Hook Up A Bosch Dishwasher?

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1 Answer

All dishwashers install in basically the same way. However, a Bosch dishwasher requires that you do some very specific extra steps in order to hook up the Bosch dishwasher correctly. There is a specific order and method to attaching the water lines. None of this is difficult to do, but you will have to pay close attention and follow the steps exactly. Wrap all threaded connectors with a layer of teflon tape (also known as Plumber's tape). This will help insure a watertight seal. Begin at the base of the threads and wrap the tape, overlapping the tape 1/8 inch on each pass. When the threads are covered, cut the tape off the spool and press the end onto the threads to hold it in place. Pull your water supply line through the opening between the cabinet and space for the dishwasher. Usually there will be a hole cut out near the rear of the cabinet for your dishwasher connections to pass through. If not, there will be a simple gap left for this purpose. Put the electrical plug end of the ... more
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