How Do You Hook Up A DVD Player To An HDTV Converter Box?

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1 Answer

If you have an HD (high-definition) TV set and a DVD player but you need to include a converter box in your system, acquire an HDTV converter. It will allow you to receive high-definition programming in full HD excellence and view DVDs, too. You will need a few specific connecting cables to accomplish this task, and it is very important to hook them up correctly. Fortunately, anyone who can follow directions can get it done in under 15 minutes. Decide what type of connection you want and set up your components. You will need to have all of the required cables to hook up your DVD player to your HDTV converter box. If you are going to use HDMI cables, you will not need the RCA (right and left audio; red and white) or RGB (video; red, green and blue) cables, and vice versa. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a single connection, as opposed to the five-way one you will need to effect with the other cables. It is easier to connect, but both will work. Place the components ... more
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