How Do You Hook Up An Underground Fence That Is Petsafe?

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1 Answer

A PetSafe brand fence is a great way to let dogs spend time outside without having to install a traditional fence. Dog's learn new boundaries quickly and easily. While you may worry about the pain your dog feels from the collar, it really doesn't hurt him much. You can try the device out on yourself to see that it isn't too painful. Then, take into consideration that between your pup's thicker skin and layer of fur, he's really not getting hurt, he's just getting a warning. Place the transmitter somewhere with an electrical plug that is relatively safe from the elements. This will be the starting point for your fence wire. Design a basic plan. Draw a map of the area you'd like to let your dog run free in, complete with measurements. Only place the fence in areas that will be easy to dig up, or where there is an existing fence. Make sure that your wire never gets within 5 feet of another part of the wire fence, or it may neutralize the signal, allowing your pet an easy place to escape. ... more
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