How Do You Hook Up Duel Dish LNB?

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1 Answer

Satellite television has modernized home entertainment and taken a chunk out of cable's monopoly in the process, and it has gotten even more versatile through the years. Older satellites had just one LNB, or Low Noise Blockconverter, which is just the technical way to describe the little receiver that sits at the center of the dish antenna. Now, two LNBs are standard with most dish installations. This allows a single antenna to provide a satellite signal to two different receivers, or a receiver with a built-in DVR. Thankfully, installing them is just the same as it was with the old single-node models. Mount your dish to a secure mast on the roof according to the instructions. You'll need an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Ensure the mast is level and plumb, and set the azimuth, elevation and skew angles according to your zip code. The Dish Network Web site, as well as the documentation that came with your unit, includes a chart for looking up these angles. Locate the output ... more
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