How Do You Housebreak A Stubborn Dog?

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1 Answer

There are many methods for housebreaking a dog. There are also some dogs that resist those methods. When every other method fails, sometimes you need to go extremes. While leashing your dog to you at all times may seem a bit much, it does work to break the cycle. This works extremely well with small dogs who are resistant to housebreaking. Place the dog on a leash while inside. Keep the dog with you at all times. The dog must shadow you and not be out of sight. When the dog attempts to go to the bathroom inside, break his concentration and immediately take him outside. Praise your dog loudly when he successfully goes potty outside. Place your dog in a crate while you sleep. Your dog must not be allowed to roam the house without you watching. As your dog gets more reliable, you can begin removing the leash for longer periods of time. A period of three to four weeks of tethering is generally long enough to break the cycle of urinating in the house. more
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