How Do You Humidify A Room Without A Humidifier?

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1 Answer

Low humidity in the air of a room can cause adverse effects, both in comfort level and health. A room with low humidity can feel colder that the actual room temperature, so boosting the humidity level can save you money on heating costs. Physical signs of an unhealthy humidity level (below 35 percent) are a dry, scratchy feeling in your throat, nose and skin due to insufficient moisture; dry mucous membranes will lead to being more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. If you don't own a humidifier, there are some simple steps you can take to raise the room humidity to an acceptable level. Mist the air in the room with a spray bottle by standing in the middle of the room and spraying into the air towards to top of the walls. Take care not to saturate the walls and furniture; several small mistings a day will be more effective that one heavy spraying. Place a damp hand towel over the heat vent in the room you wish to humidify. When your furnace cycles on, the warm air will force the ... more
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