How Do You Hydrate A Sick Cat?

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If your cat is sick, take it to the veterinarian to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. Many feline illnesses seem like a simple cold but can quickly become life-threatening, making a trip to the vet a necessity. Just as with humans, one of the most dangerous aspects of being sick is the threat of dehydration. A sick cat will usually not be motivated to drink enough water to maintain adequate hydration. Therefore, it is up to the owner to ensure that the cat remains hydrated. Follow these steps to ensure that your cat remains hydrated, allowing it to have an opportunity to make a full recovery. Step 1 Provide your cat with tasty liquids to drink, such as chicken broth. The chicken broth will have an appetizing smell, making it a more appealing choice than water for your cat. Some sick cats will not drink enough water to stay hydrated but will drink chicken broth. Step 2 Force your cat to drink one ounce of water every two hours if your cat does not drink liquids on its own. Use a ... more
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