How Do You Identify An Antique Toy Train?

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1 Answer

If you are thinking of becoming an antique train collector, it's important that you learn how to identify an antique toy train. Up until 1891, toy trains did not run on tracks. That year, the Marklin Company in Germany made the very first standardized toy train sectional track. From then on, toy trains running on tracks have captured the hearts of people throughout the world. Purchase an antique toy train identification guide. This is your reference source for identifying and dating antique trains. Determine the gauge, which is the width of the track, to help identify the age of the antique toy train. Gauge measurement is the distance between the inside edges of the rails. Check the configuration of the toy train's wheels, called the wheel alignment. Compare the antique train you are trying to identify to pictures and information you have in your antique toy train identification guide, price guides, antique reference books and catalogs and online resources. Learn as much as you can ... more
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