How Do You Identify, Harvest And Use Juniper Berries?

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Juniperus, a common species of tree growing throughout the United States, is often referred to incorrectly as a "cedar tree." Commonly called "red cedar," "rocky mountain cedar," or simply "cedar," the tree is not truly part of the cedrus species. It is a juniper. The juniper and juniper berries have many medicinal uses and have been used throughout time for a number of Natural Remedies. IDENTIFY Juniper berries are the light blue berries from the juniper tree pictured above. If you have located a tree that you believe to be a juniper, take a sample to a local tree identification agency in your area to be certain before consuming. Additionally, there is a tree identification link in the resource section below. HARVEST To harvest, gather juniper berries and spread them on a flat surface in a sunny window, dehydrator or place them in an oven on a setting below 125 degrees. Juniper berries are best used within one year of harvesting. GIN & BEER Juniper berries are used to flavor gin and ... more
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You need a food dehydrator for improving the storage time of Juniper berries.Basically a dehydrator sucks the water out of anything and prolong its life.You need a large (at least 8 tray) dehydrator for your purpose. One of the best dehydrators for people with garden is Excalibur 3900. It costs around 240 dollars but it is a smart investment.

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