How Do You Identify Mountain Lion Tracks?

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1 Answer

Mountain lions are magnificent animals to view in the wild. Some hunters seek them for the challenge of hunting another predator, while landowners track them to protect their livestock, pets and family. The process of elimination is the best way to identify mountain lion tracks. These steps show you how to start by ruling out dog tracks and then eliminate other species of cats until you can confidently identify the mountain lion. Read on to learn more. Check for claws in the tracks. Dog or canine tracks always show claws. Members of the cat family can retract their claws to keep them sharp. Unless they are running or pouncing you won't see claw marks in the tracks. Examine the heel pad. The back edge of cat tracks have 3 lobes while dog tracks only have two. On the front edge there is a single lobe for dogs and a double for cats. Overall, canine prints are oval shaped and cat prints are closer to even circles. Look closely at the toes. In cat prints the front toes are not lined up ... more
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