How Do You Identify Vintage American Swirl Pottery?

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1 Answer

Vintage American pottery is a fun collectible, and the swirl pottery is attractive and interesting. This American pottery was made with different colors of clay, much like sand art. There were several companies that made American swirl pottery, and identification of the maker is of interest to the collector. This identification of vintage American swirl pottery is done by colors, shapes, and designs. Look for maker's marks. Check the bottom of any American swirl pottery to see if it is marked. Rosemeade and Desert Sands are often stamped with the name in black letters. Niloak may be incised with the Niloak name. Identify the shape. Check for the shape in books or online. A distinctive shape like a jug or ewer may tell the maker. Check the swirl design. Identify American swirl pottery by the swirl design. All Niloak swirls from northwest to southeast, and much of the lesser-known American pottery swirls from northeast to southwest. Ozark Pottery is one of the companies that made swirl ... more
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