How Do You Identify White Gold Jewelry?

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1 Answer

Gold is a popular component of all types of jewelry. White gold consists of gold mixed with a white alloy, usually nickel or palladium. It can sometimes closely resemble other metals, such as platinum and sterling silver. To determine if your jewelry is made of white gold look there are several hallmarks to look for. (Yellow-gold jewelry can also be distinguished by its hallmarks.) Use a magnifying glass to look for hallmarks that indicate your jewelry is genuine solid gold. Look on the inside of rings and on the clasps of bracelets and necklaces or small metal tags dangling from the clasps. Identify 22-karat white gold by the "22K" mark, which indicates that jewelry is 91.6 percent pure gold, or 22 parts pure gold out of 24 (22-karat gold jewelry can also be stamped with "916" or "917"). An "18K" mark means white-gold jewelry is 75 percent pure gold, or 18 parts pure gold out of 24 ("750" and "18KP" marks also indicate 18-karat gold jewelry). White-gold jewelry marked "14K" is 53.8 ... more
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