How Do You Improve Circulation After Knee Replacement?

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1 Answer

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most invasive and complex surgeries a person can have, and requires a great deal of rehabilitation. For the most part, despite the amount of pain and work that is involved by the patient, knee replacement procedures are hugely successful. One of the more common complications of knee replacement surgery is poor circulation. Knowing some simple steps to improve circulation in the knee can help speed your recovery. Wear your compression stocking until your doctor gives you the okay to take it off. This stocking is made to improve circulation in your bad leg, and wearing it as instructed is critical. Begin physical therapy as soon as possible and maintain regular visits until you are cleared by your doctor to stop. Physical therapists are trained to help you in your healing process, which includes close monitoring of circulation in your legs. Exercise. In order to get the blood flowing and keep it flowing in the replaced knee, you will need to make ... more
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