How Do You Improve Dribbling With Between Legs Crossover?

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1 Answer

The Between Legs Crossover is part of the Mirror Dribbling Series that you can do with a partner or as a whole team. If you consistently practice this series--you will grow your dribbling skills dramatically. Read on for how to set up and execute this drill. Each player chooses a partner. Each partner has a ball and faces the other 50 feet apart. If you are on a court, a partner on each sideline is the perfect distance. Place a cone/chair at the midpoint of the partners (about 25 feet from each partner). This cone/chair represents the defender. During the drill, the partners "mirror" each other. Partners call out each other's names to start the drill. Upon hearing his/her name, each player dribbles quickly with the right hand towards the cone/chair. As the player gets about 3 feet from the cone/chair, he/she gets in a low, athletic position while protecting the dribble on the right side of the body away from the cone/chair. Keeping the dribble below the knee, the player drops his/her ... more
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