How do you increase low sperm count?

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• There are things you can do to help your body increase its production of sperm again. The way to do is to make small changes over time instead of making large changes and not sticking to any of them. The first change you should make is to start taking a daily dose of multi-vitamins every day or as recommend by your pharmacist. Having adequate amount of vitamins will help the body function optimally and make healthy sperm. • The second thing you can do to improve low sperm count is to make small lifestyle changes which include; decrease smoking, minimize alcohol, and stop drugs. Toxins are cigarette smoke and chemicals found in drugs and alcohol has been known to inhibit normal development of sperm cells and lead to premature death. Many men have noticed a significant increase in male fertility simply by reducing the alcohol intake and cutting down on smoking. • The third thing you can do to improve your sperm count is to start a regular workout program. Exercising regularly helps ... more
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