How Do You Increase Testosterone Levels After Prostate Surgery?

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1 Answer

When surgery comes as a result of prostate cancer there is a concern that increasing testosterone levels may raise the chances of future problems. In cases of mild cancer that was successfully treated, or if the prostate surgery was performed for other reasons, increasing testosterone naturally may be safe or even advised in some cases. There are many ways to do this and what works for some might not for others. Be willing to try a variety of methods until you find what is right for you, and make sure to always keep your doctor informed of your activities. Exercise more frequently, especially by lifting weights. Aim for more weight and fewer reps. Try to find the weight at which you can do five repetitions and do that. Decrease alcohol (especially beer) and meat intake. Also, smokers should try to quit. Lower stress levels by taking quiet time to be alone more often. Meditation and yoga may be helpful activities to take up while attempting to increase your testosterone levels. Get ... more
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