How Do You Increase The Conductivity Of Water?

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1 Answer

Electrical conductivity is the ability of an electric current to flow through a material. Some materials, such as silver and copper, have very high conductivity, meaning electrical charges flow easily through these materials. Water is also a good conductor and increasing the conductivity of water can have many uses within a chemical environment, such as changing the pH of the water. Increasing the conductivity of water can be accomplished in a number of different ways. Measure the conductivity of the water using the electrical conductivity meter. Add salts, minerals and soil to the sample of water. Stir the solution to ensure the various minerals dissolve in the water. These minerals then form bonds with the water molecules, allowing electrical charges to pass more readily through the solution. Use the Bunsen burner to heat the water, as heating water will increase the conductivity by approximately two percent per degree Celsius of temperature increase. Measure the conductivity of ... more
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