How Do You Install A Bathroom Sink Tailpiece?

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1 Answer

The piece of pipe that connects the sink p-trap to the sink drain is the tailpiece. You should replace a sink tailpiece that is corroding or leaking. Once you know how to install a bathroom sink tailpiece, you will have your leak repaired. Sink tailpieces are available at most hardware stores. When replacing the tailpiece, make sure that you purchase a replacement that is the same diameter as the defective one. Open the bathroom sink cabinet, and place a bucket underneath the drain pipes. The bucket will be necessary to catch the residual water that is still in the drain line. Use a pair of channel lock pliers to loosen the slip nut that connects the sink trap to the tailpiece. Also loosen the slip nut connecting the sink trap to the drain pipe coming from the wall. Do not remove the sink trap from the wall drain pipe. The nut is loosened so that you have some play in the sink trap to remove the tailpiece. Loosen the slip nut that connects the tailpiece to the sink drain. Carefully ... more
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