How Do You Install A Bose 901 Equalizer?

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1 Answer

Bose 901 speakers are highly regarded by many critical listeners. An integral part of the 901 system is the equalizer that comes with the speakers. This must be connected for the speakers to operate properly. With the right equipment, this is an easy task to accomplish. Step 1 Examine your receiver to be sure it has a tape monitor loop. Receivers with a tape monitor loop will have a button or switch on the front for "Tape Monitor," and have two sets of RCA connections on the back, one labelled "Tape In," and the other "Tape Out." Step 2 Take the two cables that are provided with the 901 speakers and insert one end of the first cable into the "Amplifier Input" jacks of the equalizer. Connect the red connector to the R input and the other connector to the L input. Connect the other end of this cable into the "Tape Out" connections on the receiver. Again, hook red to R and the other to L. Step 3 Connect the second cable between the "Amplifier Output" jacks of the 901 receiver and the " ... more
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