How Do You Install A Bullnose Tile Bathroom Wall?

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1 Answer

Bullnose tile is tile that is rounded or beveled on one end, instead of squared off like regular tile. Its purpose is to provide a clean border when a tiled area ends in mid-wall, without the need for trim. Though bullnose generally sits at the top of the tiled area of a wall, you have to take into account the entire tiling project when laying out the bullnose, so you do not end up at the wrong level on top after the rest of the tile is hung. Mark the level on your wall roughly where you want to top edge of the bullnose tile to be. Measure the span from the mark to the floor. Measure the height of one of your wall tiles and the height of a bullnose tile. Determine how many wall tiles, plus one bullnose tile, will fit from the floor to your mark. (Remember to add 1/8 inch to the size of each tile when making your calculation to account for the grout lines.) Adjust the mark up or down to accommodate the measurements, then draw a level line across the wall at that mark. With your tape ... more
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