How Do You Install A Cabinet On A Concrete Block Wall?

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1 Answer

Installing a cabinet on a concrete block wall can be a difficult process. Locating the proper spaces to drill into the wall as well as securing the cabinet in place can be challenging, and the process of securing the cabinet to the wall itself requires the use of specific tools and fasteners not normally required with cabinet installation. If you use the proper tools and materials, you can make the cabinet installation a trouble-free one, gaining a bit of storage space in the process. Check for any pipes that may be installed in the concrete wall which can be damaged from the cabinet installation in your chosen location. If none are found, make a line on the wall using chalk to mark the placement of the bottom of the cabinet. Mark it using a carpenter's level. Drill holes through the rear of the cabinet using a 3/16-inch drill bit. Place the cabinet against the wall, propping it in place using T-braces placed beneath the cabinet to hold it up at the level of the marked line, one ... more
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