How Do You Install A Carpet Z-Bar?

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1 Answer

A carpet Z bar is needed when transitioning from carpet to a hard floor such as linoleum. This Z bar will create a professional, finished look. Consider installing this yourself and save money on an installer. By doing it yourself, you will also be gaining experience in changing carpets for future needs of your home. Bring the carpet up to the transition point and measure 1 extra inch. Cut the padding underneath the carpet back to the point of where the Z bar will start. Hammer the Z bar down by placing the tack bar on top of the edge and hammering to the floor. Fold the carpet over on the edge, and using your knee kicker, stretch the carpet to the Z bar. Bring the carpet into the Z bar lip, where you will see built-in gripper teeth. Hammer down the Z bar to grip the carpet. You are now done with installation. more
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