How Do You Install A Concrete Block Exterior Door?

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1 Answer

A door is an entrance to the rest of the world. They are everywhere in buildings. Everyone uses them, but few people know how to install one. Doors fill openings in all types of building materials. When it comes to installation there are few materials as challenging to place a door in than concrete block. Here you will learn to cut a proper hole through your concrete block wall and install a pre-painted metal door. Locate the desired location of your door on the outside of the wall. Use your level, tape measure and crayon to mark out the outline for your frame. These marks should be 2 inches larger than the inside of your door frame. Cut out the opening with your concrete saw. Be sure to wear all of your safety equipment and clear the area of any bystanders. Grasp the handle of the saw firmly with your left hand, turn the choke on full and pull the starter cord. Reduce the choke to 1/2 and pull the cord again to start. Squeeze the throttle and warm up the saw. Turn off the choke, ... more
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