How Do You Install A Humidifier In A Downdraft Furnace?

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1 Answer

Humidifiers release moisture into the hot air released by a downdraft furnace. The installation of a humidifier to a downdraft furnace includes three components: electrical wiring, water hookup and ventilation. This process takes a little bit of time but is not challenging once all of the parts that come with the humidifier are identified. Find a place where there is a water supply near the furnace. Find the cut holes for the humidifier. Humidifiers are different, so the instruction manual will be needed. Place the mounting hanger on the wall where you intend to place the humidifier. The mounting hanger will have to be screwed in with screws that come with the humidifier. That's where the screwdriver comes in. Place the basin on the mounting hanger. Screw the basin to the mounting hanger. Place the humidistat on the wall near the humidifier. Use your screwdriver to screw the humidistat into the wall. Make sure you place the humidistat in a place where the humidistat can be reached. ... more
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