How Do You Install A Pressure Tank For A Morrison Head System?

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1 Answer

• Use a pressure tank without a diaphragm. In this example, the Flotec 42-gallon epoxy lined water tank FP7230 was used. Use such a tank because the air must come out the top of the tank to purge the line which goes above ground at the Morrison head, preventing it from freezing. One cannot set up a precharged tank according to this diagram. N.B. If a precharged tank is used, the system will not work and the Morrison head will freeze. Please refer to the image. Use a pressure tank without a diaphragm. • Attach the top of the tank to a tee along the incoming horizontal supply water line. This way, the momentum of the travelling water will help it to continue travelling past this tee whose purpose is to allow air from the top of the tank to pass back to the well. To attach the top of the tank to this tee, install elbows, piping, and a recommended union, plumbed as appropriate for the placement of the installed water supply line and the size of the tank to be used. Do not use a check ... more
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