How Do You Install A Well Water Pump Pressure Switch?

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1 Answer

Installing a well water pump pressure switch should only be done on the pump's pressure tank itself. The pressure tank has an internal rubber bladder that aids in the water system's performance. This air bladder regulates the water system to a consistent pressure. The bladder should be inflated to a 30 to 40 pounds per square inch (PSI) reading. Installing a well water pressure switch is a quick task to perform by following a basic procedure. Shut off all electrical power for the pump circuit. Water and electricity do not mix, and an electric shock mixed with a wet location can be deadly. Install the brass manifold onto the pressure tank. Place a few rounds onto the male threads that screw into the pressure tanks female fitting. Hand start the threads and use the pipe wrench to tighten the fitting. Make sure the manifold is level horizontally with the inlet and outlet female threads pointing outwards and the ¼-inch threaded pressure switch hole is pointing up. Place a few rounds of ... more
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