How Do You Install Curtain Clip Rings?

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1 Answer

Using curtain clip rings makes hanging window treatments quick and simple. The clips allow you to use decorative, easily adjustable rings without the time-consuming, tedious process of sewing individual rings to your curtains. Curtain clip rings come in countless finishes and styles. Some styles feature hanging ornaments that hide the clip completely. Mount your curtain rod brackets according the manufacturer's instructions but don't hang the curtain rod on the brackets yet. Set the rod aside. Calculate how far apart you'll need to space your curtain clip rings. Measure the top width of one of your curtain panels in inches. Multiply the width by your total number of curtain panels for the total width. Divide the total width by the number of curtain clip rings you have. The resulting number of inches is the distance you need to allow between curtain clip rings. If you plan to hang curtains on either side of the rod as a pair--no matter how many curtain panels make up each side of the ... more
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