How Do You Install Metal Roof On A Mobile Home?

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Installing a metal roof on a mobile home can be a do-it-yourself project saving you a lot of money. The most difficult part of the project is removing the old roof and scraping the roof clean of debris. Consider asking friends to help or hire day workers. Once the roof is clean, laying a new roof is not difficult. There is a step by step procedure of laying insulation, furring strips, corrugated metal roofing, foam closure strips and setting the gables. If you can use a saw and a drill, you can build a metal roof on your mobile home. Unfold strips of fan-fold insulation across the length of the roof after it has been scraped and cleaned thoroughly. Cut any excess insulation with a utility knife and duct tape the insulation seams. Lay strips of 1-by-4-inch furring, end to end and 2 feet apart, across the length of the roof. Locate the rafters by feeling around the surface of the roof. Lay chalk lines across the width of the roof, and over the furring strips, to mark the location of ... more
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