How Do You Install Optical Audio Cables?

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1 Answer

Most audio cables use a wire to transmit electrical signals. But optical audio cables use fiber optic communications to transmit light. This makes them immune to the electrical interference that typical cables are subject to. Optical audio cables (also called TOSLINK or EIAJ optical cables) are a high-quality and affordable alternative to standard audio cables. Plus, they are easy to install. Because optical audio cables transmit digital data, they are most often used for connecting digital audio source devices (such as DVD players) to home theater systems. Generally, optical audio cables use the S/PDIF protocol (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format), which is a communication format for digital signals. Check that each device accepts optical audio cables. The connection port is usually labeled "Optical," but it may say "Digital" instead. In either case, the connection port must be square with a rounded bottom if optical audio cables are to be used. Remove and save the plastic ... more
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