How Do You Install Outside Corner Trim On A Metal Building?

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1 Answer

Outside corner trim on a metal outbuilding is used to both keep the elements from entering your structure, and protect people from cuts. Installing outside corner trim is a straightforward process. The metal is sharp, but careful handling and the use of work gloves will reduce the danger of lacerations. Metal buildings do not have a specification for sealing the outside metal corner during installation. Sealing the corners will depend on the use of the finished building. Measure the length of the outside corner trim. The total length of the metal corner will be equal to the length of the wall panels on the building. Use a ladder to ensure that you get the accurate length for the metal corner trim. Mark the total length you measured from the side of the building on the outside corner trim. Cut the trim at the mark with the aviation snips. On the mounting flange of the metal trim, place a mark one inch in from each end. Measure between the marks and divide by 12, the recommended ... more
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