How do you install power steering belt on 350 chevy 1985?

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1 Answer

I'm sure that still has the v-belt style pulleys on the front of the engine. If the power steering pump pulley has holes in the face, you should be able to look through those holes and identify the mounting bolts that hold the brackets to the pump.If the engine has the style of bracket that adjustment is in moving the whole bracket, look at the mounting bolts that bolt to the engine. Loosen those bolts lightly and you will notice that one of the bolts is a pivot point and the other has a groove or slot that the brackets will adjust in, these grooves are typically not very long, so it really doesn't allow for much travel, so make sure you get the correct belt, after loosening those bolt you should be able to wedge th old belt off, if it is till there and replace the new belt in reverse order. more
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