How Do You Install Roofing Tar Paper?

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1 Answer

Water is an enemy to your home. Rain, snow, hail and sleet pound your roof year after year, getting in between the shingles and soaking into the wood structure. Your first barrier against water is a good roof covering. To protect your home, install a protective layer of tar paper--also called roofing felt--before placing tile, metal, slate or wood shingles. If you're using an ice or water shield, place this first, and then install the tar paper. Measure your roof's surface in square feet and purchase enough tar paper to cover the entire surface twice. Begin at the bottom edges of the roof and go up. Lay the first strip of tar paper side to side, with its bottom edge along the edge of the roof. Tack it down with galvanized nails, a hammer tacker or an electric staple gun. Place just enough tacks to hold down the tar paper; use more if the day is windy. Lay the next strip of tar paper farther toward the top of the roof. Make sure the bottom edge of the second sheet overlaps the top ... more
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