How Do You Install Tongue & Groove Lumber?

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1 Answer

Tongue and groove lumber refers to two pieces of lumber that are prepared in such a way that each piece has a protruding tongue on one edge and a channel on the other. When fitted together, the two boards create a tight fit that makes the lumber useful in covering walls, ceilings and walls. Decide whether or not you wish to hide your fasteners, for this will dictate how you will secure your tongue and groove lumber. Use a stud finder to determine the position of the wall studs. Line up the first board with the tongue facing downward and one end with the corner. This will help you to keep the board level. Start at the bottom of the wall. Drive nails at an angle through the top of the tongue and angled downward into the studs. If you are not concerned about whether or not the fasteners are visible, drive the nail through the face of the board above the tongue and straight into the studs. Fit the next board on top of the first board so that the tongue slips into the groove. Secure the ... more
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