How Do You Install Wood Dowel Joints?

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1 Answer

This will help to explain how to install a dowel wood joint. This wood joint is easy to install if you have the right tools and equipment. Dowels can be used to glue supports to legs, tops to legs/supports and many others. Follow the steps below and you will install dowel joints in no time. • Have the tools and necessary equipment (look in Things You Will Need). Once you start gluing you will not have time to find it all before the glue dries. • Mark out where you are going to install the dowels. If you have the dowel jig you can open it up to fit your piece of material and secure in a vise or clamps. If you don’t have the jig secure the material in a vise. • Now that your material is secure in a vise or clamps, get a drill, with the size of bit that you would like to use. Next mark off how deep you would like to have the dowel go. The easiest way to do this is to have a piece of tape on the drill bit set to the depth you want. Then just start drilling the holes. Cut your dowels to ... more
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