How Do You Insulate A Plastic Dog House?

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1 Answer

How to insulate a plastic dog house such as the one pictured here. Take the dog house apart into two peices. Measure the inside width between the walls and the opening your dog uses. Subtract a 1/4 inch from this measurement (width of board). This is the width of insulated foam board you need. Example - width between walls and opening is 2 inches, subtract a 1/4 inch to equal 1 3/4 inches. You will need a foam board that is 1 3/4 inches wide to adequately fit your dog house. Measure the interior bottom of the dog house. Using the razor knife cut the foam board to fit this section. Lay the foam board in place. Measure the interior section of the bottom of the dog house, on top of the foam board. Using a circular saw cut a section of board to this measurement and place it on top of the foam board. Using a drill drive a few screws through the board, foam board and dog house. Drill in this order, from the interior out. Take a hammer and hit the screw to bend it until it breaks. If there ... more
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