How Do You Interview For A Chemical Dependency Counselor?

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1 Answer

Eventually, any counseling agency needs to hire. If your agency treats chemically dependent people, you will be looking for a counselor with expertise in their care and treatment. When hiring for this position you want to know the skills and attributes of the person you are interviewing. With that in mind, ask questions to discover if the applicant is the right fit for your organization or agency. Ask the job candidate why he entered this field. You want to know that he wishes to help chemically dependent patients recover from their illness or disease. Inquire about the applicant's strengths and weaknesses. Listen to his answers to assess his outlook. Choose someone with an optimistic and confident outlook. Ask the applicant about his training and experience with the chemically dependent patient. Working with this population requires experience, skill, compassion and empathy. Make sure that the candidate is a good fit for your agency. Ask the interviewee about his personal views on ... more
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