How Do You Join Nielsen TV Ratings?

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1 Answer

The Nielsen TV ratings have been the primary means of measuring advertising rates in television for the past 50 years. To take part, you must be invited to participate through a random sample. College students, because they represent a unique demographic that is important to the Nielsen Co., can join at any time, whether at the beginning, middle or end of a college semester. There are generally two ways of participating in the Nielsen TV Ratings. One is to complete the diary, and the other is to join the metered panel group. If you live in a smaller television market, a paper diary is likely to be sent to your household. When you receive a letter in the mail from the Nielsen Co., it will contain an invitation to participate in completing a light blue book chronicling your television viewing habits. You will use this diary to record shows that each family member watches daily. According to the Nielsen website, over 1.6 million paper diaries are mailed to households across the nation. ... more
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