How Do You Jump A Cue Ball In Pool?

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1 Answer

Ever wondered how to legally jump a cue ball in pool? Follow these steps and you'll be jumping cue balls in no time. First your going to want to get a cue ball and set some type of cloth under it on the pool table. This is to keep you from tearing up the pool table cloth while practicing. You want to start with just a cue ball, and practice just trying to jump it before trying to go over another ball. Next decide on whether you want to buy a jump cue stick or use a regular pool stick, the only difference is the jump cue is smaller and usually lighter which allows for more control. Now you want to start off by elevating your stick at around a 40-45 degree angle at the cue ball. You want to pretend you are trying to hit through the cue ball into the table at the 45 degree angle, with a quick jab movement. The higher you elevate your stick the quicker you'll get the cue ball in the air, the lower you elevate your stick the further you will jump the ball, but won't achieve as quick ... more
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