How Do You Keep A Friendship Platonic?

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1 Answer

A platonic friendship brings together people of the opposite sex and joins them in the strong bond of friendship. A person does not have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend to be your companion. Opposite sex individuals can share laughs and tears and develop lifelong platonic friendships. Read on to learn how to keep a friendship platonic. Do not give your friendship any sexual meaning. If you want to be only friends, keep it that way. Do not touch or talk to the person inappropriately. Do not use words with sexual connotations if you do not want the friendship to delve into another territory. Keep your feelings in check when people constantly try to imply that the platonic friendship is more that what it seems. Do not let others ruin the relationship that you have with their awkward questions and hidden expectations. Instead, define your own world with your platonic friend. Avoid discussing feminine related matters with your male platonic friend. Do not treat him as your other ... more
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