How Do You Keep A North Face Denali Thermal Jacket Soft?

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1 Answer

North Face jackets are very popular and they are known for their quality as well. After you have purchased your new North Face, you will want to take special care to ensure the life of your jacket. The North Face Denali Thermal jacket is the "fuzzy" looking coat. This "fuzz" takes a little extra maintenance to keep looking new and nice. Here are some tips to keeping North Face's Denali Thermal Jacket soft and fuzzy. Try not to wash your jacket. If you get spill on it, wipe it off with a damp cloth as soon as you can. Use cold water when wiping so that you do not set the stain. If you have to wash your jacket, do not use fabric softener. Wash in cold water all by itself. The jacket will get piling on it if it is washed with other clothes, so be sure the jacket is washed alone. Use a mild detergent, and do not put it directly on the jacket. Do not dry the jacket in the dryer. The heat of the dryer is hard on the jacket and will cause shrinkage. Instead, lay your North Face jacket on a ... more
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